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Version for iPhone/Android [14/03/12 03:51]
Today, site version for iPhone/Android open beta has started. If you use iPhone, you iPhone must be jailbreaked and installed plug-in safari upload enabler.
Also clients for site was updated, Chrome (1.2.2) and Windows (1.1.2)
iPhone/Android dbwap

With sincerely, administration
Добавил: RED

#1 mortal [26/04/12]
Ого как проект развивается! Поздравляю)))
#2 RED [26/04/12]
Спасибо, хоть кто-то заметил)
#3 88Power [03/05/12]
надо проверить
#4 88Power [03/05/12]
вижу появилось: Сейчас скачивают: 14 файлов
#5 Angeles [27/05/12]
This is an article that makes you think never toughht of that!
#6 Pilar [22/09/13]
Well done to think of soetihmng like that
#7 Tangela [05/03/14]
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#8 asd123 [21/05/15]
#9 Irving [07/06/15]
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#10 Romeo [07/06/15]
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#11 Raymundo [07/06/15]
Is it convenient to talk at the moment?
#12 Frederick [07/06/15]
The lines engaged
#13 Elias [07/06/15]
Im afraid that numbers ex-directory
#14 Dusty [07/06/15]
I study here
#15 Nathan [07/06/15]
Best Site good looking

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